Walltherm® STOVES

We distribute in France, direct from the factory the two models of Wallnöfer GmbH:

1. Walltherm Vajolet – the world’s first water-bearing stove with wood gasification technology

  • Walltherm Vajolet water bearing stove uses highly efficient wood gasification technology (downdraft firing), which enables the highest level of efficiency of over 90% and the lowest emissions.
  • The Walltherm Vajolet stove is almost completely water-jacketed, which ensures that up to 80% of the heat is emitted on the water side.
  • The combustion chamber made entirely of stainless steel is an absolute highlight and shows that Wallnöfer primarily focuses on durability.
  • The solid combustion chamber doors are equipped with double glazing to ensure the highest level of safety. 
  • The air-cooled door handles made of stainless steel are included as standard and are available for both the right and the left.
  • Walltherm Vajolet works purely in the natural draft, i.e. without noisy blowers that are prone to interference. 
  • The burning time can last up to five hours.
  • The Walltherm Vajolet stove is available in many colour combinations. In addition to metallic black and cast gray, the colour combinations white – black – white or white – silver – white are also available. 
  • Both The Walltherm Vajolet and Wallterm Air stoves can be fitted as an enclosed insert
Walltherm Vajolet in black

Walltherm Vajolet black red black
Walltherm Vajolet white black white

Walltherm Vajolet white grey white
Walltherm Vajolet cast iron grey

Walltherm Vajolet Black Edition

2. Walltherm Air- natural draft stove with wood gasification technology and hot air blower

Walltherm air stove
  • The Walltherm Air heats your living space with healthy radiant heat, moreover with the two flame patterns is providing double firelight.
  • The Walltherm Air is fired with  natural, dry logs. The gas that is released from the burning wood is fed into the lower combustion chamber and burned there at temperatures of up to 1000 °C (wood gasification technology / down flow combustion).
  • Thanks to the use of wood gasification technology, the Walltherm Air achieves an optimum  degree of efficiency > 87%  and  very good emission values
  • The rapid heating function allows the warm air to flow into the living room after just a few minutes.  
  • If required, there is an option of distributing the warm air into adjacent rooms. The circulation of the warm air is regulated as necessary.
  • The burning time can last up to five hours.
  • The Walltherm Air is available in the colours black and cast gray. In addition, the design can be changed with the different front panels.
  • The doors can also be equipped in the Black Edition version.

Both the Walltherm Vajolet and Walltherm Air can be fitted as an enclosed insert.

In conjunction with  the Logix24 Stratified storage tank and a Wallnöfer high performance solar collector KA88/2020, you are using the maximum amount of energy from the Sun and Wood. Click here to find out how the Sun and Wood system works. Or you have a question that is not answered on our website? Then contact is below.


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