Is it possible to heat a house with sun and wood?

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Why should you consider the Sun and Wood system?

The combination of the high-performance Wallnöfer KA88/2020 solar collectors , the Walltherm® water-bearing stove and the Logix24 stratified storage tank makes it possible to completely cover the energy requirements for hot water and heating in a single-family household.

The Logix24 stratified storage tank plays a central role, in it both the heating water from the central heating system and the service water (shower water) being heated. It is dimensioned in such a way that the heat generated can be accessed throughout the day, even when no heat source is supplying heat.

The heat produced by the solar panels is fed to the solar heat exchanger (copper) of the Logix24 storage tank, which stratifies the heat from top to bottom to mainly cover domestic hot water needs. During the sunny months, the solar system is able to cover 100 % of the domestic hot water demand for free.

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