Storage Tanks

The energy from all heath sources is stored and intelligently managed in a storage tank.

The Logix24 stratified storage tank

LOGIX24 stratified storage tank is a combined storage tank in which both the domestic hot water and the heating water are heated. It is equipped with an integrated solar heat exchanger that works on the principle of stratified charging. That makes possible for the solar energy to be used optimally.

The stratified charging system built into the Logix24 works according to the thermophysical principle i.e. heat rises to the top. Primarily, the uppermost area of the storage tank is heated from where the domestic water (drinking water, shower, etc.) is withdrawn and later the volume of the remaining storage tank is heated. Thus ensuring that the energy gained is supplied to the exact storage area where it is needed. From here it is used as required for heating or hot domestic water in the kitchen and bathroom.

The stratified charging can be seen very clearly on the thermographic image on the left. With conventional storage systems, this stratification function is achieved with complex electronic control technology, servomotors, additional pumps and corresponding installation costs!

With the LOGIX24 stratified storage tank, the domestic hot water is heated in the built-in stainless steel corrugated pipe spiral. The pipe has a big exchanging surface which ensures a fast heating of the domestic hot water using the continuous flow principle. Whenever hot water is used in the house, cold sanitary water flows into the corrugated spiral pipe. As it flows through the pipe spiral, it heats up and leaves the storage tank in the upper area in the direction of consumers (e.g. shower). Due to the large surface of the spiral and the highly turbulent flow within it, the domestic hot water temperature hardly drops, even with large amounts of water drawn off.

LOGIX24 stratified storage tank is equipped with numerous connectors, which allow in addition to connections for the Solar collectors, the use of multiple heat sources like Wallterm Vajolet water bearing stove or other heat generators.

Sun and wood system

Depending on the project requirements, the size of your home and the heath source used, there are several variants storage tanks. Different options below.


Logix24 stratified
storage tank
Logix24 buffer storageLogix24 buffer solarLogix24 stratified
storage tank
combined hot water
Contains heating water, with fresh water heat exchanger for domestic hot water plus solar heat exchangerContains only heating water. No heath exchangerContains only heating water. With solar heath exchangerContains heating water, with fresh water heat exchanger for domestic hot water

In conjunction with the Wallnöfer high performance solar collector KA88/2020 and a Walltherm Vajolet water-bearing stove, you are using the maximum amount of energy from the Sun and Wood. Click here to find out how the Sun and Wood system works. 


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