Solar collectors


The solar collector with WARO flat tubes. Europe’s best flat-tube collector!

The solar collector KA88/2020 is a quality product, based on years of research and development by Wallnöfer. This high-performance collector primarily impresses with its very high yield values , especially when the sun is weak. The very good yield values ​​are confirmed by the certificate from TÜV Rheinland: η-0= 84%

The aim of every solar collector must be to bring the heat transfer medium (water + antifreeze mixture) which flows through the collector absorber up to temperature as quickly as possible.

Then it is important to harvest as much solar energy as possible in the shortest possible time in order to have hot water and thus save on heating costs.

We offer the solar collector in two sizes. The standard format is 1.8m². The larger collectors are 2.5m². 

On a sunny day, the 1.8m² collector can heat approx. 150L of water. The 2.5m² model can heat up to 200L.

WARO flat tubes explained:

Thanks to WARO flat tube technology developed by Wallnöfer, both above points are met. The WARO flat tube has the advantage that the contact surface between the sunlit absorber sheet and the flat tube is 20 mm. With conventional collectors with round tubes, the contact area is usually only 2 mm (see the comparison graphic below).

Therefore WARO flat tubes guarantee a very large contact area and thus the fastest heat transfer without major losses. Especially on days with little sun and diffuse radiation, this advantage has an enormous effect (often 20% and more yield)!

Comparison between WARO flat tube and standard tube absorbers

WARO flat tube technology developed by Wallnöfer

In conjunction with the Logix24 Stratified storage tank and a Walltherm Vajolet water-bearing stove, you are using the maximum amount of energy from the Sun and Wood. Click here to find out how the Sun and Wood system works. 


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