Now it is the time to focus on renewable energy

  • Throughout the world, and even more so in Europe, wood is undoubtedly the leading renewable energy source.
  • Didn’t you know that? Well, don’t worry, because hardly anyone knows it.
  • On the contrary, everyone knows that renewable energies are essential to counter CO2 emissions, and therefore global warming.
  • If you want environmentally friendly, fast heating economical stove, highest level of efficiency and independence from constantly rising energy prices, then you have come to the right place.
  • Here at Sun and Wood we are very happy to offer you the the world’s first water-bearing stove with wood gasification technology!
  • We distribute in France, direct from the factory in Italy, the most advanced and efficient, water heating – wood burning stoves and solar water heating systems.
  • Manufactured by the world leader in renewable energy heating systems, Wallnofer GmbH in South Tirol. South Tyrolean technology – Italian design – Made in the E.U. Fully approved for use in France.

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